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Massachusetts Crime Reporting Unit Web Site


This web site is designed and developed to assist local police departments in collecting and submitting their crime statistics to the Crime Reporting Unit of the Massachusetts State Police.

The public is welcome to visit with the understanding that ANY reports and statistics are preliminary, subject to change, and under no circumstances to be used as official crime or statistical reports.

Any questions or issues about the site or its content should be directed to the owner and webmaster of the site, Daniel Bibel

Congratulations to the newest NIBRS reporting agency:


What's New?

CrimeSOLV is on-line and availabe - ONLY to Law Enforcement. To get more information about this exciting new application, and to request access to it, please log onto the "Members only" area of this web site (click on the link in the upper righthand corner of this page) to read a full description of CrimeSOLV, download an application for access, and the new User's Manual.

Crime Data On-Line
Police Employment by Population Grouping for 1995-2010
Police Employment by County for 1995-2010
Summary UCR data for one county 2000-2010
Summary UCR data for one 'population grouping 2000-2010
Property stolen by Classification (summary UCR type data)2000-2010
Adult arrest data from NIBRS agencies, 2003-2010
Juvenile arrest data from NIBRS agencies, 2003-2010
State-wide crime data, 1960-2004
Search for crime data for one town1980-2010
NIBRS (detailed) yearly offense data for one agency for 2000-2011 - Now includes both Group A and B offenses!
NIBRS (detailed) offense data for one agency by month for 2000-2011 - Now includes both Group A and B offenses!
NIBRS data converted to summary form for one agency, by month, 2000-2011

National Data
National UCR Data by State, for the years 1973-2010
National UCR Data by year, for the years 1973-2010

FBI and CRU Publications/Documents for review/download

CRU "Quality Control" handbook - issues to watch out for! (in pdf format)
UCR Handbook (in pdf format)
NIBRS Manual, Part 1 (data elements)
NIBRS Manual, Part 2 (record layouts)
NIBRS Manual, Part 3 (error messages)

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Note for Law Enforcement personnel:

The "member's only" area has reports for 2010 as well. If you would like access to that, please contact me.

Download the newly revised MGL-NIBRS lookup table in an excel spreadsheet. The file is zipped to make downloading faster

The Crime Reporting Unit has set up a mailing list for discussion and questions about NIBRS and UCR.

To join, please contact the Crime Reporting Unit